Tesla launched the world’s largest energy repository, using only lithium-ion rechargeable battery

The company Tesla has launched in California, the largest in the world at the moment, storage battery, which is designed to operate as a backup power source.

It consists of modules Powerpack 2 with a total capacity of 20 MW and a capacity of 80 MW·h. This is enough for several hours to provide energy to 15,000 homes.

The construction of similar systems completed as the company and AES Altagas. The scale of these objects such that these three account for about 15% of all lithium-ion batteries installed in the world over the last year. It is also worth noting that the station AES will be even larger than Tesla: 30 MW and 120 MW·h.

All this became possible thanks to the rapid cheapening of lithium-ion batteries. If in 2013 1 kWh industrial battery cost about $ 600, last year the price dropped to $ 273 USD. Also during this time increased the density of the elements. All this was mainly attributable to electric vehicles.



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