Tesla is working on its own processor for cars. Perhaps in partnership with AMD

It is no secret that Tesla uses Nvidia solutions as computer systems in their cars. Initially it was a consumer single-chip system Tegra, now this is a car Drive PX supercomputer.

However, for Tesla, the best option would be own a processor that would most effectively optimize. And soon this company will be.

Resource CNBC claims that Tesla has already received the first samples of such a processor and is currently conducting appropriate tests. The company has its own experts in the development of processors and single-chip systems, but it is possible that Tesla is working together with someone from the giants of this market.

There are predlojenie that is AMD as GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay JHA (Sanjay Jha) has mentioned Tesla, saying it was one of those companies that works with GlobalFoundries. And as you know, GlobalFoundries was created from the semiconductor division of AMD and has the appropriate license agreement. However, later sources said that Sanjay JHA allegedly had in mind specifically, GlobalFoundries, and spoke of the semiconductor manufacturers in General. Which in the end is true, is unclear.

Despite this, shares of AMD have already increased in price by more than 10%.



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