Tesla is Recalling about 11,000 electric cars

Tesla is again Recalling its electric vehicles. This time the recall affects 11 000 crossover Model X. the issue is with the second row seats.

In 2015, due to a possible malfunction of the seat belt buckle was withdrawn 90,000 Tesla Model S. sedans In 2016 — 2700 crossover Model X due to problems with the third seat row. This year, the manufacturer has also announced the review — was withdrawn 53,000 electric cars Model S and Model X in connection with a potential malfunction of the Parking brake.

The current recall affects cars Model X with folding second row seats, released October 28, 2016 August 16, 2017. According to the manufacturer, the problem may occur in only 3% of sold crossovers. As a result of internal tests it turned out that incorrectly padded cables attached to the seat behind the driver’s seat, shifting forward during an accident. Reports of such cases was not, but electric cars still decided to withdraw. Fortunately, correcting malfunctions in the service center takes only 10 minutes.


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