Tesla is Recalling 53,000 electric vehicles due to brake issues

Tesla reported the discovery of a «potential manufacturing defect» in the electric Parking brake used in some electric car Model X and Model S. As it turned out, the marriage may prevent the removal of the car Parking brake. Although, according to the manufacturer, it can hardly create security problems, and has not yet been recorded a single case of failure, it was decided to replace the defective part. In this regard, Tesla is Recalling 53,000 electric vehicles.

The program covers machines manufactured in the period from February to October 2016. Tesla says that the cars have a small gear, the damage which can disrupt the operation of the brakes. In this case the brake will continue to work, but it can’t be disabled. The work of the main braking system are not affected. Defective gear purchased from third-party got about 5% of the recalled vehicles. Replacing a part takes about 45 minutes.

Source: Tesla

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