Tesla increased its production rate by 64%, planning to begin production of electric car, Model 3 in July

In the latest financial report of the company Tesla says that in the first quarter shipped 25 051 electric vehicles. Compared to the same period a year earlier, the rate of production increased by 64%.

The company’s turnover for the last quarter amounted to $ 2.7 billion in the first quarter of 2016, the company’s turnover was halved. However, I should add that the company suffered damages in the amount of 330 million dollars.

Tesla said that in July of this year the company will start producing the Model 3 electric car. Before the end of 2017, Tesla plans to raise its performance up to 5,000 cars per week. And next year, Tesla plans to produce 10,000 electric vehicles every week. Thus must be completed the previously announced plan to produce half a million cars a year.

This year it plans to open 100 new stores worldwide. In the second quarter, the number of mobile repair shops, Tesla will exceed 100 cars. Through such workshops manufacturer helps owners of electric vehicles to solve various questions, for example, to charge the battery or unlock the doors. Improved diagnostics have enabled the company to reduce the repair time on average by 35%.



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