Tesla has significantly reduced the price of the car Model S 70D and added options

Tesla is constantly adjusting prices on their cars and «juggles» modifications. In March, the manufacturer announced the termination of sales of the most available models Model S 60 and 60D.

In fact, the sale stopped yesterday, then the most accessible version was the Model S 70D value 77,000 dollars. But the night Tesla has significantly reduced the price of this car. Now it can be purchased for 69 $ 500, just $ 1,500 more than cost version of the Model S 60D, the sale is terminated.

Recall, these equipment are battery’s capacity (75 kWh vs 60 kWh). So this is almost free on the background of the car price increase will clearly be appreciated by potential buyers.

Moreover, the base model is now equipped with a panoramic roof and electric tailgate. But there are also disadvantages. For example, the base version now available air suspension and not supplied high current memory.

In addition, Tesla has reduced prices for upgrades. For example, to increase the battery capacity from 60 to 75 kWh (batteries are the same, just in the first case there is a software lock-up) costs $ 2000, and $ 9,000! For the crossover Model X the cost of a similar upgrade reduced from 9500 to 6500 dollars.

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