Tesla ended the quarter with record losses and has postponed deliveries of the sedan Model 3

The company has pushed back the start date of supply of the sedan Model 3 for three months, explaining that it was difficult to determine how much time it will take to eliminate bottlenecks in production.

Under the new plan, the production volume of 5000 cars per week should be achieved by the end of the first quarter of 2018. We will remind, in total we collected more than 500,000 pre-orders, the condition of which is the provision of a Deposit.

In addition, the manufacturer of electric vehicles reported in the last quarter. The quarter was not just a loss-making company since its inception working in the negative, but a record losing. However, the supply of funds available to Tesla for the quarter increased from 3.04 billion to $ 3.53 billion dollars. To attract new funds, the company sold their debt. This brought her $ 1.8 billion. While 325 million dollars were paid on loans already taken. In total, it is estimated that during the quarter it spent about $ 1.1 billion. It is expected that about $ 1 billion the company «burn» in the current quarter, mainly in the form of investments, in particular in the production of batteries.

In the company’s bet on vertical integration, hoping to win through procurement of batteries of its own production and direct sales of electric cars to consumers.

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