Tesla cars again fell

To dilute a series of news dedicated to the IFA exhibition in 2017, has allowed the company Tesla. The company Elon musk has once again decided to reduce the prices of their cars.

And this time, it affected several models. The prices are different and vary from 3500 to 5000 dollars. Yes, it is possible for initially high prices of the model Tesla is not really a big reduction, but, first, it is not the first and certainly not the last, and secondly, other manufacturers have so much on their cars do not reduce prices.

So, Model S 100D fell from 97 to 94 500 000 dollars. P100D Model S will now cost 135 000 to 140 000 dollars informed. New price on Model X 100D is 96 000 dollars, whereas previously it was equal to 99 500. Well, Model X P100D became available for $ 5,000 and now worth 140,000.

Tesla once again explains the lower prices by improving production efficiency. Specifically, in this case, the production of batteries with a capacity of 100 kWh.

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