Tesla assured Mobileye that will not allow drivers to remove your hands, but broke the promise

In documents filed this week, the company Mobileye in the Commission on securities and stock exchanges, said its senior managers received from Elon musk (Elon Musk), the CEO of Tesla Motors, the assurance that users of electric vehicles will not be allowed to remove his hands from the steering wheel when using the driver assistance system known as Autopilot. Later, however, Tesla broke its promise, despite the objections of Mobileye. During the exchange of information between managers of the two companies, which occurred in may 2015, the leadership of the Mobileye was concerned about plans to allow Tesla drivers to take your hands off the wheel while driving.

«The position of Mobileye was the fact that the function of the Autopilot should not be allowed to remove your hands without adequate and significant technical limitations» — leads the source words of the Mobileye.

Israeli company Mobileye specializiruetsya on machine vision systems for vehicles. She collaborated with Tesla in the development process Autopilot for the last three years. Recently, relations between the companies were severed because Tesla decided to develop their own machine vision system for electric vehicles.

The reaction of Tesla’s statements Mobileye is still unknown.

As we previously reported, in may this year, the owner of one of the cars Tesla Model S died, relying on Autopilot.

Source: Reuters



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