Terra is testing the UAV Drone that can stay in the air up to two hours with ten pounds of payload

Japanese company Terra Drone announced the development of unmanned aerial vehicle fixed wing. From the now popular rotorcraft drones it is favorably distinguished by greater payload — 10 kg instead of 2 kg and a significantly larger maximum flight duration, which is two hours against 10 to 20 minutes typical of the quadcopter shown in the illustration.

The new UAV will be used for surveying during the construction of solar power plants. Large load capacity will allow to raise the high precision laser measuring equipment. According to Terra Drone, the device can also be useful for surveying in the devastated areas, for example, affected by the natural disaster, when traditional methods of measurement is not applicable.

Testing of the UAV has already begun, and for commercial use, the company expects to begin in April next year.

Sources: Terra Drone, Nikkei BP


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