Technology WD MAMR will create HDD up to 40 TB

A week ago, Western Digital introduced the world’s first HDD 14 TB. Such values were achieved using the technology of shingled magnetic recording and helium pressurized zone.

But these technologies have existed for quite a long time and 14 TB — almost the limit value of the volume for the HDD without significantly increasing the thickness. But Western Digital a ready-made solution that will allow you to create a several times higher capacity drives.

The company introduced the technology of microwave magnetic recording (MAMR), which, according to the most WD will create a HDD with up to 40 TB! Such drives, the company promises to 2025, well, the first new generation of models, designed for use in the data center, will be released in 2019. However, their volumes have not yet called WD.

The technology is based on a generator of the spin moment (spin-torque oscillator) used to generate the microwave field, increasing the ability of writing data with high density without sacrificing reliability.
The manufacturer specially focused on technology that MAMR does not entail any new problems in materials science, as in the case of HAMR (magnetic recording heated).

Despite all the innovation, for most users it does not make much sense, because even now, six years after the appearance of the first HDD 4 TB, these drives are almost no demand from regular consumers, not to mention more three-dimensional models. So that the inheritance Serobyan HDD with MAMR technology — data centers and other similar structures that, in fact, reflected in the press release.

Western Digital


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