Technology Audi V-to-I will allow cars to communicate with traffic lights

Audi is not particularly spread about his plans for the segment of unmanned cars. But now, according to the source, the automaker has introduced a technology that will clearly be used in such machines in the future.

Talking about one of the facets of the directions of the connected car. The new technology is called V-to-I (vehicle-to-infrastructure). Its essence is as simple as the convenient and useful technology. Cars with support for V-to-I will be able to receive data from traffic lights and display on the onboard display to change the signal. This will allow the driver better count your traffic and improve safety on the roads.

The first V-to-I will get the car Q7 2017 model year, and A4, collected after 1 June of the current year. Of course, such technology would only work where there is a corresponding urban infrastructure. Initially, Audi will launch the technology in several cities in the United States.



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