Technologies enable deep learning artificial intelligence Google to translate languages into pairs which previously he has not met

Some time ago Google moved its Google Translate service on the technology of deep learning Google Neural Machine Translation that should ultimately have a positive impact on the quality of the translations.

It turned out that such technologies can not only improve the quality of translations, but also provide a service to translate the new language pair. For example, if the service taught to translate from Korean to English and from Japanese to English, he is quite able, without additional training, to translate from Korean to Japanese and Vice versa. And in this case it is not enough to correlate words in a different language system, it is necessary to consider the semantics.

Of course, the new languages in our world are not expected, but such «intelligence» due to technology deep learning can significantly accelerate the development of language services related to translation. Now there are devices to translate speech in real time, although they are far from perfect. But with the development of the above technologies we can expect in the near future, the emergence of full electronic translators speech, which can be found in works of fiction.



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