Technical Director, AMD confirmed that the processors Zen 2 and Zen 3 will be 7-nm

AMD is not planning to stay on 14-nanometer process technology as long as Intel chose a 14-nanometer process technology for four generations of x86-compatible processors. In an interview with the source, technical Director AMD mark Papermaster (Mark Papermaster) confirmed that the processors Zen 2 and Zen 3 will be 7 nm.

The transition to 7-nanometer technology is more complicated than the previous steps of the reduction of technological norms. Moreover, according to Papermaster, this is the most difficult transition compared to all the previous ones. It puts the developers qualitatively more complex tasks, so AMD decided to develop 7-nanometer process technology on the success of the Zen architecture.

The design is based on the norms of 7 nm requires the application of new development tools and other approaches, as production shifts from immersion lithography to EUV. AMD expects that the phase of 7 nm will be long enough, so that developers have time to create multiple iterations of the project before proceeding to development standards of 4 nm.



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