TDP senior 16-core CPU AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper can reach 180 W

A few days ago, the network appeared the characteristics of AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper. In particular, as before, for older 16-core models were specified TDP of 155 watts.

However, there is evidence that in fact, power consumption of the CPU top Ryzen ThreadRipper will be significantly higher. A source says 180 W for models with 16 cores.

Indeed, if we remember that Ryzen 7 1800X level of power consumption is 95 watts, the processor with almost the same frequency, but twice as many cores, and TDP needs to be almost twice as large. So 180 watts look more believable than 155 watts.

But, as with previous leaks, but this is still only a rumor, so wait for official AMD data. Recall that the same rumors attributed to the older model Ryzen ThreadRipper cost of only $ 850.



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