TDP of Intel Core i9-7900X may be 175 watts

In the Network continue to receive details about the new processors Intel Skylake-X. this time in the benchmark database of SiSoftware lit decategory Intel Core i9-7900X. Although the measurement application has determined its belonging to the line Core i7, most likely the CPU will enter the series i9 – as mentioned in the previous leaks.

Perhaps the most interesting of the portions of data that results benchmark, this value is the TDP, if earlier it was spoken about 160 watts, and now they are 175 watts. That’s a lot, although some air CPU coolers even the average level calculated for the diversion of 200 W of heat (and more), not to mention ITS.

Also, the application attribute processor, 10 MB cache second level and 13,75 MB – third. The maximum frequency will be 4.5 GHz – this is also no ambiguity with previously published data.

Source: SiSoftware



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