TDP graphics card Radeon Vega Frontier Edition liquid cooler is nearly 400 watts

As we recently reported, professional graphics adapters Radeon Vega Frontier Edition is already available for pre-order. Cost 1200 and 1800 dollars for modifications to air and fluid coolers respectively.

There were rumors that the second version will work on higher frequencies. The frequencies are still unknown, but sources report that the cards have to be different TDP. Card with the air cooler it will be 300 watts, whereas for the model with ISO — 375 watts.

The difference is significant and unlikely to be caused only by differences in frequencies. Probably, as in the case of the adapter Radeon R9 Nano, the GPU card with the air cooler will operate at a lower voltage.

Among other things, this information helps us to understand what is approx the level of energy consumption will be the gaming flagship GPU Vega. Most likely, AMD will limit it to 275 watts, which is still very much.



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