TDK buys the company InvenSense for $ 1.3 billion

Confirming that appears in the first half of December information about the fact that TDK talks to buy InvenSense, TDK and InvenSense today announced the transaction.

The parties entered into the agreement, under which TDK will acquire all the shares of InvenSense at a price of $ 13 apiece. The total transaction value will amount to $ 1.3 billion. The operation is already approved by the boards of Directors of both companies. Its completion is expected in the second quarter of the fiscal year ending from TDK 31 March 2018. Of course, the deal must first be approved By shareholders and regulatory authorities of countries whose interests it affects. The purchase is framed as a merger of a specially created subsidiary of TDK and InvenSense, with the result that InvenSense will become a subsidiary of TDK.

Company InvenSense specializiruetsya in the production of motion sensors and microphones manufactured by MEMS technology.

Source: InvenSense


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