TCL presented at the IFA 2016 virtual reality helmet Alcatel Vision on the basis of eight-processor

TCL Commmunication company brought to the exhibition IFA 2016, launched today in Berlin, not only Alcatel Lite Shine, but also yard accessories under the same brand – a virtual reality helmet Vision Alcatel and Alcatel panoramic camera 360 Camera.

The greatest interest, of course, is Alcatel Vision. It belongs to the category of VR helmets that are not tied to a smartphone or computer. The product is installed OCTA-core CPU and two AMOLED screen diagonal of 3.8 inches with resolution of 1080 x 1020 each. The amount of RAM is 3 GB of eMMC module is equal to 32 GB. Also the Alcatel Vision is endowed with the standard for any average smartphone set of wireless adapters (wifi and Bluetooth) and sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor). Interestingly, the developers have even included a built-in modem LTE.

The offline slam for three hours provides battery capacity of 3000 mA·h according to the developers, Vision can be worn comfortably for two to three hours, the device provides a viewing angle of 120°, and the delay when the output image is characterized by the value of 17 MS.

Alcatel Vision will go on sale in early 2017 and will cost in the range of from 500 to 600 euros.

Details about 360 Camera less. Under this General title, will feature two models with different external design but the same features. Unfortunately, the technical details about cameras little. It is only known that they provide an angle of 210°.

Source: TCL Commmunication



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