TCL established a joint venture, which will produce the AMOLED panel on substrates 11G

The Chinese company TCL Group intends to build a factory in Shenzhen for the production of liquid crystal display panels and AMOLED panels, designed to podoski 11G.

The factory will be at the disposal of the joint venture, in which, in addition to TCL Group, will include its subsidiary, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), which produces the liquid crystal panel, and the administration of Shenzhen. A total of partners to commit to the construction of a factory of about 6.96 billion dollarov.

The glass substrate 11G have a size of 337 x 294 mm. every month the factory can process 90,000 substrates on which are formed a display size 43, 65, 70 and 75 inches. Specify that while we are talking about the release of LCD panels, large in size, the demand for which is growing. As for the AMOLED panels, company CSOT experimenting with the production of panels of small size in two factories 4.5 G, one of which is also located in Shenzhen. When the production of AMOLED panels will start a new plant, is still unknown.

Source: TCL



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