Taiwanese manufacturers are racing to master the technology of mini-LED

The shortage of AMOLED panels for smartphones and growing competition in the market of led backlight systems for liquid crystal display drive manufacturers led to the development of technology mini-LED. According to industry representatives, technology mini-LED can be used as independent displays, and, in the backlight systems of liquid crystal displays.

In the latter case, and displays in large size and relatively low resolution, that is, when pixel sizes of about 100 microns there is no need to stage a mass migration of the LEDs. Meanwhile, it is a technological obstacle to the introduction of micro-LED.

Lighting mini-LED allows you to implement a local dimming, whereby there is an opportunity to support HDR and improve color reproduction. Thus, smartphone manufacturers consider an LCD screen with backlight, micro-LED as a real alternative to AMOLED. Allegedly because of the color displays with illuminated micro-LED can outperform AMOLED. Thus due to the thin illumination systems micro-LED displays are the work of the same thickness as AMOLED displays.

Liquid crystal displays with backlight, micro-LED develop, the company AU Optronics (AUO) and Innolux. Supplier of led illumination can be a company Epistar. According to her estimates, for a five-inch panel is sufficient 20-25 crystals, which is a total of 9 000 miniature LEDs. When using white LEDs covers 80-90% of the NTSC colour space, using RGB LEDs — 100%.

Company Lextar Electronics, and Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, together with AUO and Innolux, respectively, develop lighting mini-LED for TVs, and the company and Harvatek Opto Tech displays mini-LED.


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