Taiwan, South Korea and Japan account for almost 60% of the world production of semiconductor products

Analysts IC Insights has studied the distribution of the world’s production of semiconductor products by countries and came to the conclusion that a leader in this area as of December 2016 is Taiwan. Here it is concentrated 21.3% of the corresponding total processing capacity of 3,645 million wafers per month (in terms of equivalent 200 mm wafers). The first is Taiwan in 2015, when the share was 21.7%.

South Korea almost caught up with Taiwan in terms of total performance of the semiconductor factories. Its share increased from 20.5% to 20.9%, corresponding to 3,569 million plates in a month.

In third place is Japan. This country is 17.1 percent of world production of semiconductor products.

Interestingly, in each of these countries is, according to the two companies, which account for the lion’s share of production. In the case of Taiwan’s TSMC and UMC, with a total of 73% of all capacity in South Korea, Samsung and SK Hynix (93%), Japan — Toshiba and Renesas (64%).

In North America there are 13.4% of semiconductor factories in China — 10.8% in Europe and 6.4% respectively. For all other countries and regions, where the drafters of the report, in particular, attributed, and Russia, together account for 10.1% of global semiconductor production, and a large part of Singapore, Israel and Malaysia.

The source said that was paid to the actual location of facilities, regardless of location of the headquarters or with the company. For example, a Samsung factory located in the United States, was considered to be North American, not South Korean.

Source: IC Insights


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