TAG Heuer opens a new office in Silicon valley, closer to the developers of smart watches

TAG Heuer opened an office in Silicon valley. This event is significant because it is the first major Swiss watch manufacturer thought needed his immediate presence in the well-known center of high technology. It is assumed that he will be able to do a collaboration with Google and Intel close. In addition, being in Silicon valley, it’s easier to hire the right specialists to look at the young companies that TAG Heuer may want to buy.

The office opened on 1 November, is located in the town of Intel in Santa Clara. There will be about a dozen professionals led by Tom Foldesi (Tom Foldesi), passed in TAG Heuer from Intel. The group will develop a smart watch.

Smart TAG Heuer watches in demand: already sold 60 000 copies of the Connected device value of $1500. The manufacturer expects to more than double this figure with the new model, sales of which should begin in April. We intend to sell 150 000 copies.

Recently, the range of TAG Heuer introduced a new version of the smartwatch Connected, which costs $9900. Note that Apple, by contrast, has stopped selling expensive varieties of smart watches Watch.

Source: Bloomberg


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