T-shirt Xenoma e-skin turns the user’s body into the controller virtual and augmented reality

The company Xenoma launched on Kickstarter the project of collective financing of the development called e-skin. This t-shirt with long sleeves and an integrated sensor, which turns the user’s body into the controller augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

According to the developers, while detecting movement of the user, the e-skin provides a deep dive into AR/VR, allowing you to interact with virtual objects intuitively.

Allegedly, t-shirt with built-in flexible and stretchable electronic components does not limit the user’s mobility and machine washable like regular clothes. T-shirt is equipped with 14 sensors stretching and the hub, which houses an accelerometer, a gyroscope, Bluetooth and micro-USB port for charging.

Xenoma offers an SDK to access the capabilities of e-skin applications in Java, Visual C#, Unity and Unreal Engine for MacOS and iOS, as well as in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for use with Microsoft HoloLens. Feature Xenoma SDK is the availability of the functionality of the machine learning and integration with the Google library TensorFlow.

The first 100 participants of the fundraiser will be able to get a set for developers, paying $479. All the authors of the project want to collect at least $50 000. Has collected more than $28 800. The fundraiser will continue until September 6.


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