T-Mobile and Sprint are unable to negotiate a merger

A month ago it was reported that Sprint and T-Mobile are discussing the last details of the merger. The opportunity attracted great interest, because T-Mobile is the third largest mobile operator in the U.S., and Sprint fourth, and in total they are worth more than 80 billion dollars.

Soon Reuters, citing anonymous sources, reported that T-Mobile and Sprint are going to announce the merger without the sale of assets. So the parties could retain as many resources as possible radio-frequency spectrum and to win by reducing recurring expenses before regulators will ask about any concessions.

However, these plans did not come true. Today T-Mobile has put an end to the rumors and assumptions. In a laconic press release issued by the company said that merger talks terminated because «the parties were unable to find a mutually beneficial terms».

T-Mobile acknowledged that the merger with Sprint was very appealing, but the company is on the rise, outpacing industry growth for 15 consecutive quarters. This probably means that T-Mobile was counting on more favorable terms than those which were agreed representatives of Sprint.


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