T-Mobile and Sprint are going to announce the merger without the sale of assets

As we reported, Sprint and T-Mobile are discussing the last details of the merger. Citing anonymous sources familiar with the situation, Reuters says that the agreement will not be provided for the sale of any assets, because the parties hope to retain as many resources as possible radio-frequency spectrum and win on cutting recurrent expenditure to the regulators will ask for any concessions.

This approach is not unusual. However, the Agency assumes that T-Mobile and Sprint have difficult negotiations with regulatory agencies, oversees compliance with Antimonopoly law and the use of radio frequencies.

Recall that T-Mobile is the third largest mobile operator in the U.S., Sprint fourth. In total they are worth more than 80 billion dollars. For obvious reasons such a large transaction attracts the special attention of the state. While the company does not comment on the impending merger. However, according to observers, the talks may not lead to an agreement.


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