System remote control flashes Phottix Ares ll supports 16 radio channels

The company Phottix, a manufacturer of flashes and accessories for them, presented a system of remote control flashes Ares ll. From its predecessor it differs twice the number of channels and improved protection. In addition, the transmitter and receiver have better controls and LCD displays.

System remote control flashes Phottix Ares ll supports 16 channels. In the first four channels can be controlled by Phottix Strato II receiver and a compatible flashes.

Provides control of four groups of flashes at a distance of 150 m. Adding user-defined four-digit identifier (Digital ID) provides protection for control to match IDs of receiver and transmitter.

System Ares II is compatible with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony (with socket MIS), Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus, as well as with most outbreaks, triggered by contact X-UPS. As the transmitter and the receiver runs on two AA batteries. The price of the transmitter is approximately $55. The same is the receiver.

Source: Phottix


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