System Face ID in the iPhone X will recognize you even in sunglasses and unpleasant surprise the thieves

Announcing iPhone X, Apple said that the Face ID system is self-learning, so she will find out the owner of in hats, scarves, glasses for vision, with bright make-up, vegetation and other changes on the face that can greatly change the appearance.

Senior Vice President, software development, Apple’s Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi) announced that Face ID will also work with most sunglasses that absorb a sufficient amount of infrared rays, so that the system could see your eyes.

Also, he was asked an interesting question about a hypothetical situation in which a thief on the street whip out your iPhone X, momentarily turn it to the side of your face to unlock your smartphone, and then hide.

First, the smartphone is not rasplachivaetsya, if you closely look at the camera. And secondly, the facial recognition system can be temporarily disabled by holding the buttons on both sides. In this case, remove the unit, it will be possible only with the help of a digital password.

Recall, Apple has already stated that the system of Face ID during the presentation of iPhone X worked exactly as it should.



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