«Synthetic sensor» able to understand what is happening in the room

Experts from the University Carnegie Mellon last week revealed the device to the smart home, which they called «synthetic sensor». In fact, it is ten sensors connected to the hub. The device is connected to the power supply and establishes a wireless connection with the local network used to transfer data to the cloud. Analyzing the sounds, the temperature, humidity, electromagnetic field, motion of objects, illumination and other data, it is able to understand what is happening in the room. Note that the camera in the list of sensors is not included for privacy reasons.

To recognize objects and events device help of machine learning techniques. As a result, for example, the sound fails to understand that the particular appliance. Information provided by «synthetic sensor», can be used by programmers to control the subsystems of the smart home.

Convenience universal sensor is that it eliminates the need to authorize every device in the smart home of the electronic component serving for the connection, identification and transfer status information. This development resonates with the other, by the way, performed at the same University.

Source: Wired


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