Synaptics has introduced the optical sensor fingerprint ID Natural FS9100, which can be placed under protective glass

Synaptics, the company today introduced the industry’s first family of solutions for biometric authentication, Natural ID, which will find application in mobile devices of the near future.

New optical fingerprint sensor, called Natural ID FS9100, can be placed under the protective glass of the smartphone up to a thickness of 1 mm. separately, the Company focuses on the fact that the product works and in the presence of glass with the effect of 2.5 D. the New sensor will allow you to create smartphones with front-facing fingerprint scanners, while devoid of physical buttons below the display.

The sensor is able to recognize the fingerprint of the finger is wet, it is scratch resistant and protected from water. Synaptics notes that in contrast to similar projects, already present in the market, the new sensor has been developed with a view to use in mobile devices, so that it is thinner than other solutions and is allocated the minimum power consumption.

Technology SentryPoint needs to ensure maximum data protection. Among other things, it includes the function of Quantum Matcher with PurePrint, based on artificial intelligence technology, which is responsible for detection of false fingerprints.

Mass production of the sensors is scheduled for the second quarter of 2017. Thematic resources has managed to attribute the presence of such a sensor, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Also don’t forget that Synaptics is the supplier of Apple, so that copertina can adopt new development. Especially given the rumors about the refusal from the usual Home keys.



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