Synaptics has introduced a multi-system recognition of user’s face and fingerprint

In mid-December, the company presented to Synaptics optical fingerprint scanner Natural ID, which can be placed under protective glass.

During CES 2017, the company announced a multi-factor biometric system which will be used in smartphones, tablets and laptops. The system includes the aforementioned fingerprint sensor, and face detection technology.

This will allow you to unlock the device more convenient for you at one time or another. For example, on the street in the cold, so as not to take off the gloves, it is enough to look at the smartphone. The same system will be used for transaction security and applications.

The system uses technology SentryPoint, which, recognizing a fingerprint, can distinguish the authentic from the fake fingerprint. In face detection also apply algorithms that do not allow to cheat the system, in particular, is estimated not only static image but also how the user moves his head or blinks.

To implement the face recognition technology using the built-in front camera devices as a partner company was chosen KeyLemon.


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