Synaptics acquired Conexant, and Marvell Technology Group

Synaptics, the company that makes fingerprint sensors, today announced the acquisition of Conexant Systems. The last is a developer of voice technology for personal assistant Amazon Alexa. The amount of the transaction amounted to 300 million dollars.

Synaptics dominance on the market of fingerprint sensors in the recently weakened, as Samsung has started to use fingerprint scanners of their own development (in Galaxy S8), and order them from other suppliers. For example, Samsung Galaxy A supplier acts Egis Technology.

Executive Director of Synaptics Rick Bergman (Rick Bergman) said they plan to expand its product portfolio to successfully compete with other companies.

Also, Synaptics acquired for $ 95 million the company Marvell Technology Group, which is the developer of modern technologies, used in applications for processing audio and video.

Both deals will be closed in the third quarter.


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