Symantec experts noted an increase in the use of devices of the Internet of things for DDoS attacks

The Symantec company specializing in computer security, has conducted a study and came to the conclusion that the development of the Internet of things (IoT) is not only a positive way, but also opens new opportunities for attackers. Symantec experts noted an increase in the use of IoT devices for DDoS attacks.

This contributes to the relatively low level of protection of IoT devices, due to their modest computational capabilities and limitations of the OS, as well as a lack of control during deployment and operation (in many cases, the principle of «plug and forget», there are even passwords that are set to the default). As a result, the hackers gain control over Ethernet equipment, modems, network storage, surveillance systems and even industrial control systems. Attacker-controlled devices are then used in the DDoS attacks on more important targets, which are usually computers of large companies.

Security experts say that more than half of the attacks with the participation of IoT devices comes from the U.S. and China. This is not surprising, given the rapid development of IoT in these countries.

Source: Symantec


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