Switch Bot turns any switch into a «smart»

On the website Kickstarter completed the fundraising for the serial production of the device Switch Bot. This device is a small drive that allows you to give a normal switch the function of wireless control via Bluetooth.

For mounting Switch Bot is a strip of double sided adhesive tape 3M VHB. According to the developer, the manipulator is suitable for a very large number of different switches, ranging from wall-mounted light switches and ending with the power switches of electronic devices and household appliances.

Work Switch Bot can be controlled via a mobile app, available for Android and iOS. It is also possible to control with Amazon Echo and other smart devices and sensors. In addition, the developer promises to publish the APIs.

According to the author of the project, without replacing the power supply, which uses a replaceable lithium battery, Switch Bot runs about 600 days.

Hoping to collect at least $3000 Creator Switch Bot has already collected more than $63 000. One instance of the Bot Switch costs $19. Before the end of the fundraiser is less than two days.

Source: Kickstarter


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