SWIFT is planning measures that can help to identify transfers of funds initiated by attackers

Banking network SWIFT is planning to send daily reports to its clients as one of the measures which are designed to detect transfers of funds initiated by attackers. As you know, in February of this year, hackers managed to hack and steal SWIFT 81 million dollars from the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

Using considered invulnerable system for the exchange of SWIFT messages daily transferred trillions of dollars. Although the malware used in the case of Bangladesh Bank, was written especially for him, and the whole operation became possible only because the thieves were able to access one of the office computers their principles are quite universal, creating a risk for other users of SWIFT. Moreover, it soon became known that the attack of malware associated with the work of SWIFT, was subjected to another Bank.

This prompted SWIFT retaliatory measures. Sending reports in question, will begin in December. In the report the Bank will see all messages sent by the client to SWIFT that will reveal the «foreign» instructions on the transfer of funds. In addition, the report will be an assessment of risk based on degree of deviation payments for the day from regular user behavior.

Sources: Reuters, SWIFT


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