Swedish scientists have created a camera that can shoot with a frequency equivalent to five trillion images per second

At the beginning of the year, Sony surprised everyone by smartphones with a camera that can shoot video with a frequency of 960 fps. For professional technicians such indicator, of course, is quite impressive.

However, any modern camera slow motion fades in the background that was created by the scientists of Lund University (Sweden). Their camera if it can be called a camera that can shoot at a speed equivalent to five trillion images a second. That is, it is able to record everything that happens within 0.2 trillionth of a second.

The core of the development lies a unique algorithm in which an object «light up» the laser flashes. Image obtained in the reflection of each such pulse, are combined into one or several, depending on the duration of the experiment. For example, scientists were able to capture how the light passes through a sheet of paper.

Naturally, this shooting speed is completely useless for photographers. But it allows to capture previously uncommitted, biological and chemical processes.

Scientists have named they have developed a technology FRAME (Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures). A certain German company that reportedly has developed a prototype device based on this technology, and this means that in the coming years, it will go into service scientists and, quite possibly, will give the opportunity to make many discoveries.


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