Swedish researchers have found a simple way to protect bats from wind turbines

Along with the positive aspects, the usage for generate electricity of renewable energy sources has a negative, sometimes non-obvious before the mass introduction of the technology. For example, wind power turned out to be enemies of bats. According to estimates of Swedish scientists, for the year one station 10-15 kills animals. This may seem like a drop in the bucket if you do not remember that this country has operated 3378 wind generators and plans to further increase their numbers. Thus, the Swedish wind turbines per year are killed tens of thousands of bats. According to environmentalists, some local populations of bats are already endangered.

Experts Lund University suggested a simple but effective way to save the bats. They calculated that, to reduce losses to an acceptable level enough to turn off the turbines for at least ten nights in the period from 15 June to 15 September. The corresponding drop in production will be negligible — about 1%, because in this period the winds in any case subside.

Wind farms are a major cause of deaths of bats on our planet. Bats crash into wind turbines, hunting insects attracted by the perturbation of air flow caused by rotation of the screws.

Source: Lund University


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