Swatch is going to release its own operating system for smart watches

CEO of Swatch Nick Hayek (Nick Hayek) spoke about the intention of the manufacturer to get their own operating system for smart watches.

The new OS is seen as an alternative to the solutions that are dominant in the market. It is assumed that the benefits of the Swiss asset is compactness and flexibility.

According to the CEO of Swatch, the main problems of smart watches produced by competitors, related to energy consumption and protection of information. The company’s promise that «ecosystem», created jointly with the Institute CSEM provides a complete data protection, and ultra-low power consumption. In addition, the new OS will not need constant updates.

According to analysts, Swatch will be difficult to compete with Google, Samsung and Apple, in particular, to attract enough third-party developers to create applications that support the watch with the new OS. On the other hand, consumers do not have time to form preferences, and the market has not yet formed, therefore, by offering something unique, it is possible to claim his share.

Source: Reuters


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