Surveillance camera Canary Flex can work from battery up to three months

Company Canary presented the surveillance camera Flex for $200. New product suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use. At least splashproof (IP65) the device is available.

The power Flex can get through the cable and the battery, which is enough for three months of use. Video when needed is written directly to cloud storage, why use Wi-Fi. But as an accessory to the camera, you can buy a special LTE modem, which will link with the Flex in the absence of a home wireless network.

And in this case, the signature data storage service is totally free to use, if the user simply latest 24 hours of video footage. Otherwise, you will have to pay $10 a month per camera.

Technical features include HD resolution and a viewing angle of 116 degrees. Of course, the camera sees in the dark and can respond to movement or sound. A built-in speaker. The transmitted data is encrypted using AES with a 256-bit key.


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