Support Google Assistant will appear in washing machines and vacuum cleaners

At the beginning of 2017, the IFA, Google announced the expansion of the list of devices that will receive the support of the voice assistant Google Assistant.

Support Google Assistant will appear in a new acoustic system, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dryers and other household appliances. The first models of new appliances to hit the market later this year, after which you will finally be able to say «Ok, Google, take my things.»

The first manufacturer to release such a technique will become the South Korean company LG. To control home appliances will be connected to a smartphone or speaker system. You can instruct the vacuum cleaner to start cleaning or, for example, ask how many left before the end of the washing programme.

If talking about arctichesky systems, we are talking about Sony LF-S50G, Anker Zolo Mojo, JBL Link 10, Link 20 and Link 300, Mobvoi TicHome Mini, Smart Onyko Speaker G3, Panasonic and Sony GA10 LF-S50G.

Google Assistant is already supported by more than 70 manufacturers, including Honeywell, Netatmo, TP-Link and Wemo.

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