Supply of LCD TV panels last year declined slightly

Analysts TrendForce estimates that in 2016 global shipments of LCD panels for televisions decreased by 3.5%. In quantitative terms, was implemented 260,4 million panels.

The average panel size in the past year increased by 2.2 inches and reached 43.6 per inch. By the way, if the focus is on the total area of all the produced panels, it even rose by 6.5%.

LG Display maintained its leadership in the market, having shipped during the year 52,94 million panels, which is 4.3% lower than a year earlier. This manufacturer total area of the panels increased by 5.3%. It can also be noted that the supply diagonal of the panels 60 and 65 inches has doubled.

Samsung Display for the year sold 46.8 million panels, which corresponds to a reduction of 8.1%. One of the reasons for the decline of production — closing one of the factories for the purpose of conversion for the production of AMOLED panels.

BOE Technology were able to increase deliveries by 22.4%, realizing for the year 43,64 million panels. Innolux last year took the fourth place, releasing old 41,73 million panels, and it is 19.3% less than the year before.
China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) has shipped 33,09 million panels, increasing the rate by 29.7%, and AU Optronics has implemented 27,22 million units, increasing sales by only 0.2 percent.



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