Suppliers of OLED displays for the iPhone can not cope with the load in 2017

According to the publication Bloomberg, four of the OLED display supplier for the new iPhone will not be able to provide Apple the necessary number of displays to meet user demand in the next year.

Manufacture of OLED panels is more difficult than the LCD, so providers will be difficult to ship the necessary number of panels for all Apple smartphones, which are scheduled for release next year. Supply problems will end only in 2018.

For this reason, Apple can go two ways: use the OLED display only the older model iPhone 8 or even delay the transition to a new type of displays until 2018.

According to Bloomberg, the original order with Apple for the next year includes about 100 million OLED panels with a diagonal of more than five inches. However, the main manufacturer company Samsung is not able to handle all of the ordering, and therefore were attracted additional suppliers.



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