Supermicro installs in one of the most energy efficient data centers by more than 30 000 servers MicroBlade

Company Super Micro Computer (Supermicro) announced the deployment of servers MicroBlade in one of the most energy-efficient computer centres. The customer is not named, but we know that just will installed more than 30,000 servers.

The energy efficiency (Power Use Effectiveness, PUE) this data centre will be of 1.06, while usually this value is about 1.49 or more. When the project is completed, the power consumption of the EC as a whole will be 35 MW. Due to the higher efficiency of VTS owner expects to save approximately 13,18 million dollars a year.

The Supermicro MicroBlade servers are set in 14 or 18 in the chassis 3U or 6U, respectively. The rack 280 is composed of Intel Xeon processors. This arrangement saves space and reduces the requirements for system cooling compared to traditional servers, the 1U standard size. Features of the architecture allows you to upgrade the processor, memory, storage and I / o, and system power and cooling. Maximum supported processors — Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4/v3. The chassis may contain one or two switch supporting connections 1GbE, 10GbE and 40 GbE. Used to power units with a capacity of 2000 watts, certified 80Plus Titanium.

Source: Super Micro Computer


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