Supercomputers Nvidia DGX-DGX 1 and Station with accelerators Tesla V100 is estimated at 149 000 and 69 000$, respectively

Nvidia, who presented a graphics processor GV100 and accelerators Tesla V100 based on it, have updated their supercomputers DGX.

The new version of the DGX-1 has eight accelerators Tesla V100. This makes it three times more than last year’s DGX-1, based on eight maps Tesla P100, although not specified in any task. However, the performance increased even more: from 170 to 960 TFLOPS.

Configuration also includes two Intel Xeon E5-2698 V4, 512 GB of RAM and four SSD in RAID 0 with a total volume of 1.92 TB.

As with its predecessor model, the new DGX-1 focuses on deep learning, i.e. artificial intelligence technology. The cost of the new supercomputer is 149 000 dollars and buy it will be in the third quarter.

For 69,000 dollars you can buy a supercomputer with more modest performance. Station DGX Station includes only four of the Tesla accelerator V100 total capacity of 480 TFLOPS. It employs the same two Intel Xeon but the RAM is already halved, but the amount of storage remained unchanged.

All this is installed in the housing with dimensions of 518 x 256 x 639 mm and consumes up to 1500 watts of power.



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