Super Cruise is GM’s answer to Tesla autopilot

When it comes to technology, Autonomous driving, first comes to mind is the development of Tesla called Autopilot. However, it is also far from being able to fully release the driver from his duties. Competitor Autopilot called Super Cruise presented by GM.

The first Super Cruise will get the Cadillac CT6 sample 2018 model year, which will appear on the market in the fall. According to Cadillac, this is the first system that does not require constant monitoring by the driver. If Tesla requires that the driver’s hands were always on the steering wheel, in the case of Cadillac, it is enough to watch the road. The driver was watching the road, watching the infrared camera. If the system notices that the driver is distracted, it will warn and even stop the car.

As stated, Super Cruise uses a very accurate map of the area, built by lidars, in addition have the usual set of sensors and GPS. Note that Cadillac severely restricts the scope of the system high-speed sections with restricted access and clearly present the entry visa.

It remains to add that the option Super Cruise worth $2500 will be available only in the luxury performance CT6 cost from $66290.

Source: Engadget


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