Summer sundresses fashion ideas 2018

Summer sundress is simply an indispensable part of the wardrobe of every girl. Due to the lack of sleeves it is absolutely not hot. A cool evening sarpan can be worn with a shirt or a jacket. Therefore, in every fashion collection you can find a huge number of different models sundresses, which can vary fit, style, texture and the presence of decorative elements. What will be fashionable in summer 2018?

Fashion trends

In the new season on the catwalks of a comeback, the new look. In the collections of many famous designers can meet romantic models with a fluffy skirt and contoured bodice. Many of them decorated with today’s popular floral print.

Not hand over their positions to the classic models, combined with a jacket or summer coat.


Dresses in a casual style have become more sophisticated.

The current remains sundresses in the romantic style.

Length of dress can be any. On the catwalks were presented as models of mini and sundresses in the floor. So diverse and used textures. For evening dresses characterized by the use of natural fibres (silk, chiffon, organza, guipure, etc.). Many models are decorated with contrasting lace accents, ruffles, pleats, ribbons, beads and other decorations.

Very unusual look layered tunics.

Everyday sundresses made of cotton and denim. At the peak of popularity in the new season will be linen model.


Fashion colors

Summer is the best time for bright experiments. Popular in the new season are red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and gold colors. But pastel colors also are in demand. But the real hit of the season will be white.


Look great models that combine contrasting colors or different textures.



Prints designers decided to be difficult. Popular ornaments: cell, peas, stripes, geometric, ethnic, animal, abstract and reminiscent of sloppy brush strokes.


For several seasons, is a popular floral print, but in 2018 it will be somewhat blurred. It is used mainly as small inclusions of or in addition to the main background.

At the peak of popularity, a combination of several completely different prints in one model. This sundress is perfectly hides figure flaws. Thus, the larger the print, the easier it should be cut sundress.


Pleated hem

The real hit of the season and presumably will become a pinafore with a pleated skirt. For the first time these outfits appeared in the 19th century. After they periodically go into the shadows and eventually come back into fashion. And in 2018 they will once again be relevant. This outfit is versatile in creating a romantic image.

Beach sundresses

Choosing a new sundress for the beach season, designers recommend to pay attention to red, yellow and orange model. You can also pick up the model in blue tones, embellished or striped-zigzag.

Greek style

In the new collections of summer dresses in the Greek style became the interpretation of the clothes of women in Ancient Greece. These models differ in a free cut, all sorts of draperies and folds, and also have a somewhat high waist line. Such sundresses sew from light fabrics.

Most often sleeveless in the Greek style and features a Maxi length and pastel colors.

Flounces and ruffles

I think that layering is not suitable for summer outfits? But, no! And many designers proved it by presenting in their collections light and airy sundresses with ruffles, flounces and ruffles, decorating the hem or bodice of the sundress.

Through this approach, the girls had the opportunity to visually adjust your figure. Some models can be worn without underwear.



Romance lace

A favorite of 2018 will be the sundresses of lace in white or other bright colors. It can be as completely transparent, or in combination with blackout lining. If you’re handy with a hook and yarn, you can tie it yourself.

Sundress to the floor

For many centuries women in Russia wore long dresses straight cut. Nowadays, this clothing gradually lost its innocence and became as open and short. Nowadays, the sundresses in the floor again regained its popularity and today on the catwalks you can see the different models.


A girl in a long dress always looks feminine and seductive. Such clothing is practical and versatile, and most importantly suitable for everybody, regardless of age or figure type. The most important thing is to correctly choose the model.

Model with high waist conceal little tummy and hips for a flattering bust line. To visually increase bust, you should pay attention to models with ruching and ruffles. But chubby girls better to abandon this model, or baggy sundresses.

Sundresses chiffon

In any heat to feel comfortable, we recommend you to select the model of chiffon. A translucent, weightless fabrics will give you a feeling of ease and comfort. And the original bright colors will raise mood.



Despite the synthetic origin, the very delicate chiffon fabric, which is suitable for all the girls. It is used to create, both everyday and festive attire.

In 2018 will be relevant as a short sundresses, and models on the floor. They are often doing two or even three, and with ruffles at the hem. The silhouette can be slim, straight and A-line.



The trend of the season is a full skirt and a circle skirt. Finish is mainly restricted to the structural parts (asymmetry, pleating, etc.), embroidery, trimmings shiny elements or unusual colors.


Sundress in a peas

Among current models of should allocate sundresses in peas. She was popular last season, but many designers have decided to move it into their new collections. Many of the coat check girls already have dresses in large or small polka dots. Summer 2018 is to once again emphasize them attractive.

When choosing a new sundress we have to focus not only on the type of appearance, but also on where you plan to wear it. Due to the wide range of different models, offered by designers, every girl can find exactly what best suited her.

What are the tunics in your wardrobe?

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