Summer drawings on the nails Ideas for 2018

With the onset of summer so I want to shed the boring winter attire and meet the hottest days of the riot of colors not only in fashion images, but also in the design of nails.

Summer manicure 2018 will please the girls are very bright colors, unusual patterns and original ideas that will surely delight with its beauty and will give an optimistic mood.

The actual ideas of summer nail Polish 2018

Coming summer 2018 striking brightness, saturation of colors, expressive drawings and art.

At the peak of popularity juicy optimistic tones of yellow, the shade of cypress, red and blue.

No less urgent in the summer of 2018 will calm pastel colors that are perfect for everyday manicure.

The novelty of the summer season of 2018 manicure with metallic shades. This nail design is universal and fits for any situations.

Super brightness: the Novelty of summer 2018

Positive attitude, happy mood, a rainbow of colors – all this is fashionable and attractive. Hot trend of summer 2018 – a very bright manicure with luscious contrasting shades.

To create this manicure is commonly used several shades of nail Polish. Each nail can be coated with different varnishes and decorate with 1-2 accent finger summer-themed visuals.

Especially popular fruits, unusual abstractions, marine style, palm trees, etc.

Summer bright manicure can be performed in various techniques – Ombre, classic jacket, summer moon manicure only using more bright «flashy» shades.

Summer flower manicure 2018

Floral arrangements are often used to create nail art, and absolutely in all seasons.


Summer floral manicure is different from the other brighter background (basis) for drawing flowers. Perfect background for a summer manicure is a white, pink, red, bright green, purple.

The actual flowers, which are often used for vegetable nail art inspired us by nature. Be observant, look around and you will see a lot of options for floral manicure.

Daisies, roses, poppies, lilies, orchids – the most fashionable colors manicure summer 2018.

For example, chamomile, the most that neither is a summer flower, you can draw on nails at home. To do this you need an ordinary toothpick. Apply on the nails of a point on a circle and connect them with a toothpick to the middle of the flower.

Flowers on the nails can be supplemented by twigs, stems or leaves that will create a full realistic art.

More complex floral manicure you can do with ready-made drawings which in a large assortment in nail salons.

Fruit mood: trend is nail design 2018

What is summer without a juicy bright fruit? Summer manicure with fruit loved by many girls because of the numerous ideas that you can put on the marigolds.

The most popular fruits that are more likely to adorn the nails of fashionistas are orange, kiwi, pineapple. Least popular cherry, strawberry, bananas, grapes, watermelon.

Manicure with fruits looks incredibly stylish and bright. Rich colors combined with the texture of fruits make your manicure truly summer.

To create a manicure with fruits you can use templates or draw fruit patterns yourself using a thin brush or toothpick.

Summer fruity manicure will not accept strict rules, so you can make an unusual manicure with individual fruit on each finger.

It looks very unusual and colorful.

Summer manicure 2018: geometry on the nails

Geometric figures firmly settled on the marigolds fashionistas. But in the summer of 2018 to create a manicure with the geometry used is more bright and colorful shades.

Clarity of line, unusual abstract shapes, asymmetry – all this summer a geometric manicure. You can do not to think about the overall composition of your nail art and to combine all fashion trends geometry in a single manicure.

The most popular pieces this summer will be the rhomboids, dots, rectangles, lines of different thickness.

Remember that diamonds look best on long nails than short.

Before you create a manicure with geometry think ahead about where and how to place our pieces. The accumulation of lines and shapes can make your manicure is sloppy.

Geometric manicure – for those who can’t draw but want to create a stylish design on your nails.

To create a geometric manicure you can use ordinary sticky tape, Scotch tape, adhesive paper or special nail stencils.

Very bright and looks spectacular geometric nail art in the style of «patchwork», which translates as the patchwork technique. Technique manicure «patchwork» presented in the photo.

Geometric manicure with lines to perform the easiest. It is enough to apply on the nail base (nail Polish bright colors) and using a thin brush to draw on nails abstract lines of a contrasting color.

Summer manicure with geometry gives the maximum to show their imagination, adorning nails such figures as zigzag, dots, stripes, abstraction, and even the letters.

Summer Ombre manicure Trends 2018

Ombre at its peak. A smooth transition from one color to another is not only used in nail design, hair coloring and textiles.

Summer manicure Ombre combines several causes bright shades. While encouraging creativity and boldness of ideas that allows you to combine 2 or more similar or contrasting shades on one nail.

The novelty of the summer season of 2018 linear Ombre, which promises to be mega-popular in nail design. The new technique involves a combination of 5-7 shades, and the transition between them has clear boundaries. The colors are applied on nails from light to dark.

Ombre is most often used to horizontally smooth transition of colors, allowing you to visually lengthen the nail.

In the summer of 2018 will be a very popular vertical Ombre is when a color gradient is from left nail edge to right or Vice versa.

Vertical Ombre allows you to create real masterpieces of nail-design. For example, looks very impressive smooth transition of colors from the thumb to the little finger.

Summer 2018: Beach nail art

Nautical motifs are often associated with vacation and summer, so with the arrival of the warm season nail designs in beach style are very important.

To create the beach nail Polish as the base use blue, blue shades, which are decorated with small elements in the form of an anchor or steering wheel, starfish, or seashells.

Draw on the nails all that is connected with summer and the sea: waves, sand, starfish, sunset.

Summer beach manicure is not complete without palm trees, which can be made in many different variations.

Summer manicure allows you to show maximum imagination and Express your own decisions about the warm season. I hope the presented ideas will allow you to create your own nail design summer style that will not remain without attention.

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