Successor of the HP Elite X3 smartphone will run on Android

Smartphone HP Elite X3 is probably the only relatively current machine with Windows 10 Mobile, except that it is intended for the corporate market.

The other day we learned that this OS will be supported by Microsoft for another year and a half, then give way to a universal operating system. For the corporate market, this automatically means the need to change their devices.

Perhaps, on this background, the Network appeared information that the next HP model, similar in concept with Elite X3 will be based already on Android.

No details yet, but most likely, the new HP will also be focused on the enterprise market. You can also assume that the company will develop for the device docking station and associated software, which will allow you to use your smartphone as a PC replacement, because the model Elite X3 the main emphasis is on the Continuum and the appropriate docking station included.



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