Submitted thermostat Nest Thermostat E

The company Nest Labs has added a new line of thermostats, the Nest Thermostat model E. It differs from the previous model, Nest Learning Thermostat appearance, new features and more affordable price.

The thermostat can be controlled remotely using a smartphone, PC or a smart watch. In addition, the available pre-configured basic work schedule. As the previous model, E Nest Thermostat automatically turns off when no one is home. Upon discovering the malfunction of the air conditioner or heater, the thermostat can notify the user. In appearance, the manufacturer notes the industry’s first matte display, gray in the off state, which makes the unit less noticeable in any interior.

Price Of Nest Thermostat E — $169. Sales have already begun.

Interestingly, according to estimates, Nest, 2011, when the company released its first thermostat, these devices helped users to save 14 billion kW∙h of energy.


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