Stylish women’s boots 2018. The model and decor

When the season of sandals and shoes goes, there is the problem of choice of shoes. This type of footwear is usually present high requirements. Shoes should be stylish and fashionable, but also comfortable, practical and warm. Such a large amount of qualities to combine in one product is very difficult, but with the proper approach to selection is possible. In the new collections of shoes for 2018, designers paid special attention to the choice of materials and colors. The desire to dilute the autumn and winter mood with bright splashes left an imprint on most collections of fashion gurus.

Shoes to go low

Models to go low, probably, will never lose its relevance. They are easy to wear and easy to choose. It is sufficient to choose a product corresponding to a favorite style. The boots can be rough tractor sole, and can be very graceful and have fine lines. The simple design of this Shoe allows for registration of all known techniques from the most unusual colors and materials to the original decor.

Color palette for shoes in the new season

Among the shades of the top color of a Raven wing. Also gaining popularity all shades of brown: chocolate, beige, coffee. It is interesting to look pale orange shoes. With them will be well to blend in garments of gray or dark green. If you want you can pick up the tone of the bag.

In addition to these, in fashion shades of purple, blue and green. With their help, you can collect stylish and unique bows in different styles.

Heel shoes

Heel shoes can be considered a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. They combine the advantages of shoes and boots in a single product. A small shaft of the boot provides female foot warm. The external appearance retains elegance and restraint. Thanks to such qualities of the boots have obvious versatility in the formation of the image. They can be worn with pants, skirt or dress of any length, wool shorts.

Among the trends of the season will be men’s short shoes with high socks. Such socks or stockings must have pronounced decorative purpose. It is possible to use various types of decor or just a great interesting weaving of wool. This way of wearing shoes more suitable for young women and Teens.

Have the advantage of boots on a thick heel. In Luke it is better to combine with skinny jeans, short dress or with leggings. For office style you can combine the boots with a thick heel with a strict business suit. Also in this case, the actual clothing in a retro style. The variety of possible combinations has an exception: with boots on thick heel cannot be combined evening gowns.

In any case, it is the thick heel will be useful for those who feel uncomfortable in shoes on a hairpin, but wants to wear high stylish shoes. Heel makes your legs slimmer and visually improves the shape of the calf. This is a great way to pull the silhouette and to add the missing inches of growth.

For the classic look it is better to choose smooth leather shoes or shoes made of suede. It is possible to use the combined surfaces with a lacquer skin. In this case, the colors should be calm and composed. If the choice fell on a pair of suede, you should add in the onions anything else of the same material. The result is a harmonious full.

The casual style allows for wearing the shoes on a thick bulky heel. Its volume must be exaggerated. Also appropriate for the use of the hidden platform.

2018 fashionable lace-up shoes

Fashion designers are re-introduced to several trends of the season leather lace-up shoes. It is important that these shoes were high, only then the lacing will look spectacular and expressive. These shoes – a godsend for the autumn and winter season. But the particular ardent lovers of style, can wear them even in summer. Boots appeared on the runways and in the wardrobe of fashionistas through trends to the choice of comfortable and bright things simultaneously. The deliberate brutality and the military style of these shoes have become part of the fashionable new season look. The contrast of feminine elegance with masculine accents looks very sexy and original. The hallmark of shoes like this season was the lack of stressed burutalno coarse materials. Designers recommend to balance the rough shape in a graceful performance. And you can combine this Shoe need with skirts and dresses.

Wedge on the catwalks and in wardrobes

The new collection will delight lovers of specific shoes and boots wedge. They can be made in a variety of ways: romantic style, military, grunge, street. Shoes with a print under the skin of animals, leather or suede, or metallic – they can all be on the platform. Every sophisticated fashionista be able to choose a couple of such shoes in the cold season. Unusual and original has become a fashion transparent wedge heels. This trend will suit bold ladies who wish to remain always in focus.

Decorative elements on the shoes

In order to diversify the look of boots the autumn-winter season 2018 dizanera offer a wide range of ornaments and decorative elements, some of which have practical value. Except as described above, lacing the trends of the new season dominated by the buckle. They can be made of different metals and have a natural color and can be painted with enamel. On the buckles may be the pattern with paint or engraving. It can be floral, geometric patterns or the brand name.

Some designers offer to decorate shoes with rhinestones, studs and embroidery. Color patterns are embroidered directly on the leather or the suede, leave a lasting impression. Especially if brutal boots depicts an elegant rose or something in the same style.

Fashion fur trim on the boots again. These are the shoes perfect for the cold season and goes well with jackets and parks. Some designers have supplemented their collections with accessories, combined with a fur trim on boots. Among them scarves, hats, gloves, bags.

Modern fashion gurus do not make strict distinctions between fashionable and unfashionable boots. Each of the products in the collections of the new season there are innovations and each of them has its classic features. This can be seen in the design of footwear, its decor.

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